How to Write an Essay

Unfortunately, I cannot post everything that you need to know to be an amazing essay writer here. It will take all year and a lot more effort than just reading this page. However, I would like to offer you some tips, helpful links, and minor "how to's" to help you with your writing. 

Here are some basic steps to take when writing an essay.
  1. Brainstorm - think of various topic ideas that you might be interested in writing about. Try free-writing, making a map, or listing your thoughts to decide which topic you could best support.
  2. Pick your topic - once you pick your topic, form a rough thesis so that your topic is specific. Remember to make sure that you are proving something with this thesis. 
  3. Outline - create an outline of your paper. You can make a detailed outline or a vague outline (the more detailed, the easier and faster it is write the actual essay!). Here is a link to an outline template
  4. Draft - write a rough draft of your paper. Try to follow your outline to make sure that you include all of the necessary aspects.
  5. Peer Editing - share your essay with your peers to help with revision ideas.
  6. Draft some more! - write multiple drafts accompanied with multiple peer edits.

Other helpful links:

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